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Vibert Medford


Tel.: (868) 481 9232
e-mail: vibertmed@gmail.com

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Vibert Medford

Vibert Medford always had artistic abilities and aspirations. He won his first prize for art when
he was still a primary school student, from the Trinidad Guardian Newspapers after he submitted
a drawing of a man's portrait in a competition.

Later he received some training from the late Dr. Isaiah Boodhoo, at Queen's Royal College.
Years later he participated in a Batik Course at the Creative Arts Centre at the University of the
West Indies with Mr. Keith Cadette. He kept the hope alive of pursuing formal art training and
continued drawing in his spare time. During the 1990s he visited art galleries and art exhibitions
in the USA and the Caribbean as part of his self-education in art. More recently he visited galleries
and artists in Venezuela, Brazil and Columbia.

He credits Mr. Cadette with encouraging him and providing the atmosphere for experimenting and
learning more about painting at the University of The West Indies.

Vibert works in acrylics, charcoal and other media. His paintings follow the theme of Music in the
artist's life. The artist is a music lover and avid jazz enthusiast and was a founding member of
the UWI Festival Chorale. He is also an accomplished photographer and has facilitated photography
workshops and tutored students at the University of the West Indies in the medium. His work is in
private collections in the U. K. and in Trinidad and Tobago.
The artist holds degrees in Management Studies and Visual Arts from The University of The West Indies .

My work, apart from using traditional media now includes Digital Art and Digital Painting using software. I am excited by the possibilities
for creating  art in these relatively new media. As always I look for making  visual art from my experiences and am happy that I can combine
photography and painting in an entirely new way.


digital photograph on canvas
12 x 36"

Rivers of Life
acrylic on canvas
30 x 12"

And Yet Still I Rise
A Tribute to Maya Anjelou
digital art on canvas
36 x 24"

Birth of a Sun
digital art on canvas
24 x 36"

Pathetic Sacrilegious Display of  Righteousness
acrylic on canvas
24 x 18"



Splash of Silver
digital art on canvas
36 x 24"




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