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Carol Lewis

A lover of art, history, and music Carol Lewis graduated with a B. A. in Visual Art with History
in the year 2004.  Carol has participated in several exhibitions and art auctions both locally and regionally,
and dabbles in interior design work, set designs and has donated art work.

Initially an artist who produced representational pieces, Carol’s exposure to mix -media techniques ignited a
fascination with the abstract and stylised expressions, which she has described in her own words as:  

“The window to my world is engulfed in the elements of actual texture, diverse themes and an infinite imagination.
These elements are expressed by my use of mixed media relief techniques, juxtaposed with intense colour.
Currently, my themes are based on a blend of realistic subjects, coupled with unrelated metamorphic images, which
are used as metaphors as an additional interpretation of the piece.  Art has given me the platform to creatively
express my imagination.  My mantra is, “My art must not be static.”






Infinite Journey of the Mind
mixed media
36 x 36"

The Beholder's Eye
mixed media
36 x 24"

Coral Hues
mixed media
36 x 35"

The Constant Thinker
mixed media
28 x 20"


A Penny for Your Thoughts
mixed media
22 x 25"

Playing with Strings
mixed media
24 x 20"

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